Student Registration Conditions

We wish to maximize participation of students, and at the same time, provide them with the highest quality of experience possible at DSN, within our financial conditions.

As such, we have the following plans, which we wish to share with students:

  • We have a quite low student registration fee (395 euros, the lowest in recent years, for IEEE members).
  • Also, we foresee the offer of a generous number of student travel grants, to help partially amortize the cost of attending DSN, for students (check Student Plaza/Student Travel Grants).
  • The quality of conditions is a trademark of DSN over the years, and students will get to share all of that unconditionally, except for the social events excursion and banquet.
  • However, for these social events (check Conference Program/Social Events for a description), we are arranging for a lottery of a number of places for students. The number of places will depend on the generosity of our sponsors! Registered students will be given a ticket with their registration ID when they collect their package on site, which they should deposit in a tombola. The tombola goes round in the beginning days of the conference, hopefully allowing many students to enjoy the social events for free!
  • But for those not so lucky, we provide a discounted rate for student tickets, of 100 euro.


(1) “Member” refers to a valid member status of IEEE (your IEEE affiliation number is required) or of IFIP WG 10.4.
(2) To enjoy the very low registration cost, you have to be an IEEE member. BUT: IEEE allows students to become student members at a very low cost. Please see the IEEE website for details, it is an easy process.